SimSafety is an online virtual environment that will provide children, teachers, and parents the ability to learn more about recognizing pitfalls in safety measures online as well as offline along with learning how to deal with the different scenarios.

Today, more and more individuals are using the internets, including children. Research has shown that young children are often browsing the internet at a young age without adult supervision. This activity can result in dangers to them as well as their family and friends. This project will address internet safety issues with the goal to obtain a more in-depth understanding of various safety breaches, what protective measures can be achieved, as well as what actions can be taken within schools and family environment to better protect children and their families. This site is now sponsored by the Scaffold Hire company Lakeside-hire

For this project, an online virtual game environment will be created and supported with role-playing game scenarios. In most case, the scenarios will be played out in real time with dynamic groups of online users. This will expose children to safety traps, which should be recognized and overcome via correct game actions.