Game Play


To move your avatar around in SimSafety, all you have to use are the arrow keys. To walk forward use the up arrow, to walk backwards the down arrow. The left and right arrows will turn you in different directions. If you wish to fly, click the page up and when you are ready to come back to the ground press page down. The arrow keys will help you move in the direction you wish to fly. Your mouse will also be able to be used for movement.


You can change the camera angle if you wish the view to be different. Just use the scroll wheel to zoom in and out. If you wish to stay zoomed in, then enter mouselock mode, which will allow you to look around using the mouse while seeing from the perspective of your avatar. You can also use another option by going to View > Mouselook located at the top of the screen. When you want to exit this perspective, just zoom out again using the scroll wheel or press the Esc button. If you want to look in all directions, press and hold down the Ctrl + Alt then hold the left mouse button down while moving your mouse around, which will give you a better viewing experience.


Local Chat

Avatars that are at least ten meters apart are able to communicate using the Local Chat text box. Just type into the box and press, say when you wish to speak to other avatars. You can choose the option Shout if you want other avatars to hear you when they are farther away. You can view a history of the chat, just by clicking the button local chat.

Instant Message

Another way to communicate in the virtual environment is by way of private Instant Message. When you wish to communicate privately, click the communicate button of the screen. Next, choose the contacts tab and select the avatar you wish to talk with from your friends list or you can choose to speak with several at once under the groups list. Just click the IM/Call button to chat privately with another avatar in the game.

Interacting with objects

You will find all kinds of objects within the SimSafety environment that are scripted so avatars can interact with the objects. For example, you can open a door, just by touching it. Other objects can be interacted with by right clicking and then selecting Touch from the menu or just left click. If you wish to sit on an object, right click and select sit here from the menu.

Some objects when you touch them with give note cards or other objects. Every time you touch an object that does offer an object, you have the option to keep or discard. If you choose keep, it will be stored in your inventory.

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