Background on the project

Research that was available today has shown that many children use the internet unsupervised. This internet usage can bring dangers to their children as well as their families. These children, normally, the older ones have confidence in what they believe is safe or unsafe usage of the internet and what precautions need to be taken. The real truth from research shows that many adopt risky behavior even more than they say or think they actually do. On the other side of the coin, children expressed that when they do have problems they turn to their parents for guidance. In most instances, the parents do nothing to resolve the situation and limit their responses to the ones they believe are more serious. Turning to authority figures like teachers or the police are seldom seen or when seen was done reluctantly.

The SimSafety project is aimed at developing concepts, skills, and knowledge that would aid targeted groups so they develop a new mentality when it comes to internet safety. In order to achieve this goal, the targeted groups were presented with the actual application of all information they received via several sources in ways that were similar to another school lesson or as theoretical information. Game playing is known as a wonderful method for learning benefits, therefore, the project was designed using a virtual environment using internet safely through the creation of the SimSafety Game.