The goal of the SimSafety project is to create concepts, knowledge and skills that will help the targeted groups develop a new way of thinking, which is using the internet in a safe manner. In order to achieve this goal, the consortium believes that the targeted groups should be involved to all the information they receive via the actual application using various awareness nodes. The ways will be thought to be another lesson in school or as theoretical information. Playing games is a proven method for benefits in learning. The scope of the project is to tackle the issues of creating a culture using internet safety via a role-playing game approach.

The main objects include:

Concentrate on target groups that have not attracted the focus of extensive research at this time

Create a gaming environment that will expose users to risk but in a safe manner. The game model is revolutionary when it is compared to games available that are do not offer interaction between game players, are more like quizzes, or do not provide learning through experience.

Customize the game platform to create scenarios in the virtual game that will address online user groups while exposing them to contextualized game setting, events, and actions. The gaming experience will expose risk but will harm the inner world of the child.

Develop challenging game rules such as game awards and scoring that will encourage that students will want to play more often while providing challenging game levels that increase in difficulty and complexity.

Train potential users to enable their involvement such as improving literacy on the internet.

Reinforce the role of the Chaperon while a child is involved with internet activities. Parents and teachers will be the escort for the child during the activities they do via the internet.

Ride the digital distance between students and teachers along with children and parents.

Support and facilitate communication between the targeted groups from the different countries while enabling their participation in the games.

Map certain research questions of research in the area

The above objects explain the scope of the project which is to address teachers, parents, and students while information each about the issues that are at stake, while training them to become involved in the gaming approach and encourage interaction in challenging game playing. It is the scope of the evaluation to investigate the impact on users from their environment to the project, the awareness that is achieved in the different scenarios and settings for playing the game, the success rate of lower the digital gap, and the literacy of using the internet by parents and teachers along with the effect on the relationships between parents and children.