The portal for SimSafety was launched early in the beginning of the project with the aim of providing supporting project work and the online community of students, parents, and teachers. The portal serves as a means for large dissemination of the products as well as the results and for the access point for the environment of the game.

The abstract design will describe a revolutionary approach that confronts major issues found in life that will equip internet users of today as well as those in the future with the skills, concepts, and knowledge to take advantage of the use of the internet without falling prey to the risks.

Communicative Action Theory and Social Theory will be used along with other theories to created the potential of an education role playing game that will be hosted on a virtual online environment that will give players that chance to use critical and analytical thoughts regarding situations and information encountered while developing a concise understanding of the possible risks via trial and error methods along with creative that will result in new knowledge for their offline life.

The “SimSafety” game platform will provide secure access to all game players. All players will be exposed to possible risks in a safe manner via predefined scenarios. Users will have to evaluate information, experience via observation, and exchange resources and argumentation between game players that provide players with high-level ranking and award winning. The game levels change in terms of difficulty and complexity.

The “SimSafety” game platform will offer a multilingual interface including English, Greek, Portuguese, Suomi, and Romanian as well as offer the ability to save and store games that have been played in a database, record the scoring, keep player’s rankings, and provide reward tools when achieving certain scores which will promote players to the next levels in the game.

The online System Manual will provide online help as well as help guide players through the gaming platform.

The game scenarios will be created by the project team. This team will take into account the major possible online risks that are available at the time. Each scenario in the game will serve different objectives. The various scenarios will focus on student/teacher cooperation, child/parent cooperation and will reinforce the role of the internet chaperon.

The Game Scenarios Manual will be the guide to help players through the goal and scope of each game, award winning actions, and the possible scoring availability.

The implementation reports received from each country will include good example of practice, will be sure for evaluation purposes and dissemination of the project, and will be used for future players after the project has ended.

Some of the games will also be available for research in the future or for training purposes and dissemination.

The Dissemination material will include a multipurpose poster in English. Inserts provided with be in languages of partners and will focus on the specific target groups, which include students, parents, and teachers.

Near the end of the project, a conference will be organized. All those involved in the SimSafety project will be invited to the conference to share their ideas, thoughts, and experiences regarding the venture.

A Reaction Evaluation report will calculate the impact of the project on students, parents, teachers, and all other agencies.

A Final Summative Evaluation report will access the legacy and the totality of the project for its overall failures and successes.

The users or community of users will have gained knowledge and awareness to internet safety issues and will be the legacy of the project forming a network of players, which will be encouraged to join other networks and continue involvement in similar activities.