The SimSafety project was designed to learn more regarding internet safety issues as well as the various protective measures that can be implemented to provide children with a safer internet experience. The goal is to help children, family members and families develop skill that will help them recognize safety issues and learn to deal with these issues in a proper manner to protect children and their families.

Studies have shown there are a growing number of young children browsing the internet often unsupervised. This can lead to danger for not only the children themselves but also their families. Filtering technology may help but it does not stop the risk and trying to create a risk free internet for children is not possible. Therefore, the SimSafety project is working on creating a culture that understands the importance of internet safety and how to use the internet in a safe manner.

At a European Level, action has been started for making a safer internet environment by use of filtering, rating systems, and hotlines along with raising awareness via the national awareness nodes in all EU countries. The goal of the project is to build on the national level by adding European dimensions via intercultural conversations between students, teachers, and parents from nine European countries which include EL, CY, PT, RO, FI, HU, BG, IT, DE. All individuals will join in playing the game in the online community, which will add value by presenting the project into family life as well as ever day school.

The target group for the SimSafety project is students that are 9 to 11 years of age along with their parents and teachers from 2 to 3 schools in each of the 5 out of the six countries that are participating along with 4 countries that are not partners.

The SimSafety project has been funded with support from the European Commission. All content within the portal is the view of the authors and the European Commission cannot be held responsible for any information or the usage of the information that is contained within the portal or website.